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we will see.68704891I really don't know, I remember that I liked Ancient Egyptian history when I was in the grade school and fell for orientalist memes as a child, I read a lot of Serbian epic poetry (much of it being about the ebil Durks).In the high school I got interested in politics and that's when al-Qadaffi got shot.And that can happen within the same country or society.For example, West Bank and Gaza are both populated with Palestinians yet they have a very different fertility rate due to the latter being much more instable and poorer.68705282Jag har jobbat som en väktare i en av de asylsökarcentraler.And Egypt will be over Russian and Japan.68704568operations against isis, pkk and fetö are going well, on the other hand economy does not seem good, future is uncertain, tayyip tries to survive, because now old Kemalists are getting power after fetö.if tayyip stops his "presidential dream" everythings is going to be well but if he doesn't stop it, there will be a war again between kemalists and tayyip, West doesn't want Tayyip, Kemalists have good relationship with Russia.Allow me to explain, then allow you the opportunity.Firstly, your usage of the word "we" is of interest.

West Bank on the other hand got a western backed government and enjoyed a better economic growth and stability that lasted for the past decade.

Good day.68705263oh thought you lurk much in this website it's /gif/ board and check through the archives (ctrl f arab then press enter)I stay in Sharjah and I have to intake the pain of being stuck in the fucking traffichigh fertility rates are an economic and a political product sometimes.

With instability and poverty you have bigger less educated classes with lots of time on their hands due to unemployment and lack of access to birth control.

Nevertheless I entered the university with the goal of specializing for Serbian medieval history, but instead ended up on the Ottomans and history of the Serbs under the Ottoman rule thanks to awesome professors.

I got interested in languages, and Farsi is the 9th language I'm learning.68704820You make several arguments, all of them flawed.

Lastly, it was interesting to me that you assumed that said "Serbian" was not, and let me use the correct word, of Chinese descent.