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We agreed that the Collection would contain poems of fifty selected poets of each participating country.We studied the cultural and historical repertoires, contexts, the similarities between countries and we had the chance to reflect that there should be a turnaround in the cultural use of integration of Europe.In addition, the queries of work which will be requested in the rising Knowledge Society involve an increasing amount of information and highly dynamic knowledge which move quickly with the times.Within this general framework we wanted to contribute with the present project find new ways to work and to organize the work - coordinated and distributed - and to study experimental new methodologies applied to the edition through technical skills of the new task requirements.One of the partners was taking part in ELBA as their first international learning partnership project.In their experience, this was a great opportunity for teachers and students to improve their English language, ICT and literature skills.It was also a great chance to meet people from different European countries, to know their culture and traditions, to learn more about adult education in Europe.

Ways and means closely tightened to underpin the so called Knowledge Society.By organizing our work we also became aware that we are collaborating to cultural integration with the countries which participated in the project, and also with Europe, through a product whose content historically gathers Poetry as one of its most sensitive expressions of culture.