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If you have tablet with MS Windows, program can be switched to tablet mode and use gestures.Advanced users can create own modules for program using MDK tools.Program files are (by default) installed to \Program Files\ folder. Included MDK tutorials for users, who want to create own modules, with detailed examples. User can save up to 10 layouts of main program window with opened child windows with modules and quickly switch between them.All data files, configurations and temporary files are installed to \Program Data\Davar4\ folder. For example OT study, NT study, lexicons etc.* lot of fixes.Lot of books in various languages (and one Czech module of writings) are ready for download.We recommend to use Download Manager tab in Library manager menu and sort modules by date of release. This version change installation paths to meet Windows 10 specification.A man, by Hercules, so pious and strict, no age has ever had nor will have.But wonderful were the efforts of the people themselves, and the unanimity of all the scribes and chief men and elders, to crucify this ambassador of truth, notwithstanding that their own prophets, and after our manner the sibyls, warned them against it: and supernatural signs appeared while he was hanging, and, in the opinion of philosophers, threatened destruction to the whole world.

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But according our and tester's experiences, it can offer more features than (unsupported) Davar3 version.

It is time, after a lot of work and time passed to welcome you to try upcoming Davar4 version.

The Letter of Pontius Pilate Which He Wrote to the Roman Emperor, Concerning Our Lord Jesus Christ.

is most well-known in standard 19-chapter Greek A form of the text. The first installment of a planned trilogy on the life of Jesus follows the Holy Family’s return from Egypt to Nazareth.

But early translations—in Syriac, Ethiopic, Latin, Irish, and Georgian—reflect a less interpolated form of the text lacking chs. The text is extant also in Slavonic (a translation from Greek A), and three other Greek forms: Greek S (lacking chs. Several stories of the young Jesus in Egypt are drawn from Canonical Histories and Apocryphal Legends Relating to the New Testament, Represented in Drawings with a Latin Text. Another reason was to abandon own (opened) file formats of modules, learn SQLite3 and profit from SQL database - add/edit/delete records is very easy to implement.