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But now, in the 21st century, it seems that the old order, the oil order, is finally coming to an end.

Amy Goodman: We begin looking at a new milestone in the growing campaign for divestment from the gas, oil and coal companies that are fueling climate change.

But the dark history of the Council and its guiding philosophy reveal Rockefeller’s true interest in this “problem” and its ultimate “solution.” John D.

Rockefeller III — or JDR3, as he was known to the constellation of researchers, businessmen, politicians, diplomats and royals in the orbit of the Rockefeller family — had decided early on how to make proper use of the formidable money and power at his disposal: by controlling the population of the planet.

Narrator #2: Globally nearly 200 institutions and thousands of individuals have moved a total of billion in assets away from fossil fuels.

Divestment Activist: If we take our money, put it into renewable like solar panels, the world could be such a better place.

There is no facet of modern life that is not, one way or another, dependent on oil.

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DHAKA, 1963 It’s a day much like any other in Dhaka. Into that swarm of people steps a most unlikely figure.Frankly, the implications of this, while I know they were intended to have a eugenic implication, could readily be misunderstood as a Nazi master race philosophy.I have, therefore, recast this paragraph.” The line was dropped from the final version of the charter.The streets are crowded, dirty, squalid, smelly, and absolutely swarming with people. Wearing his drip-dry suit and hugging his briefcase, he sticks out from the crowd.

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Surveying the scene, he shakes his head ever so slightly before remarking, half to himself and half to his traveling companion, “Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? And, armed with the unimaginable wealth, power and influence that his family name bestowed on him, he was on a mission to do something about the “problem” of overpopulation.In 1934, the then-28-year-old JDR3 had written a letter to his father, John D.

Each matchup — whether in our writers' race or the readers' — inspired huzzahs and curses and charges that it’s apples and oranges anyway. But, luckily, none of the shows highlighted in our Drama Derby fit that description.… continue reading »

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